Blue whale: The real problem

I really wanted to talk about this Blue Whale app for a while now. For those of you who don’t know what the hell this game is, I’ll explain. This is basically a computer game and I have no idea how you can even find it and to be honest, I don’t even want to know. What happens is, that you register on this game and you are given a “curator”, who’s mission is to FUCKING KILL YOU. So, how does this work? There are fifty missions or levels or whatever the hell you wanna call it, at the end of which you die. These missions include cutting yourself throughout the whole game under 30 times, it also includes watching scary psychedelic videos and listening to creepy music. In some of those creepy missions curator even tells you to wake up at 4:20 and go to the highest building you can find, or go to the nearest rails etc. Also from mission 30 to mission 49 what you do is you basically wake up at 4:20 and listen to the scary music and watch psychedelic videos that curator sends you. The last mission (number 50) is to jump off a high place and commit suicide. 

Another important thing to mention is, that you can’t just stop playing in the middle of the game. Things are complicated. At the very beginning curator tells you, that there is no way back. So what does that mean: “no way back?!” The curator somehow hacks your personal info and blackmails you if you quit the game. 


The saddest thing about this is, that this game has unofficially killed 130 teenagers. Yes, TEENAGERS. 

Teens get absorbed in this kind of stuff very easily. Even though a teen has to be more suicidal than others in order for him/her to download this kind of game and “WIN IT”, horrible results can be prevented. 


Do you remember yourself as a teenager? What was the meaning of your life back then? Just think for a sec. The only thing that mattered, were your friends and your family, right? Because you didn’t have a career or a serious love or anything like that. The only serious values were friends and family. (I understand, that this can be not true for many of you but still, it’s legit for most people.) Now imagine being a teen with no friends and no family. This basically means: no life meaning or no value. 

So, what this statement has to do with blue whale victims?

More and more parents these days give their kids way too much freedom. I’m not trying to say, that they need to lock them in a dungeon and watch them 24/7. What I want to say is, that they need to have more quality time with their kids. Lots of parents will just give a smartphone or ipad or laptop to their kids to “get rid of them” for a while. Maybe they are too lazy to play with their kids or they get annoyed…. Whatever… When teens lack attention from their family, they start looking for alternatives and what happens then? BAM! They find a curator and obey him in order to find at least some kind of life goal. 

The same thing goes to friends. If a teen doesn’t have any friends, he/she is trying to find someone who will understand them and with whom they’ll share their feelings. And what happens then?…You guessed it….Curator.

Why is this necessarily connected to friend and parents.


Besides, lets not forget about psychology. I cannot even imagine what kind of music or a video the curator sends to those teens. This changes a person mentally and they become darker, more depressed and their mind gets fucked up! 

AGAIN, how the hell does nobody notice that?!

Enough of screaming and swearing. Lets get to the serious stuff.

Parents, please respect your children. Go to the park with them. Talk to them, play with them. Share your experience and listen to their opinions. Hug your children, kiss them, tell them, that their life matters. It matters to you… Every life is precious. Don’t just avoid a person you CREATED. Depression is the worst thing that can happen to a teenager. It can be avoided by daily contact and showing love. Don’t lock your child in a room with a computer all day just to avoid talking to them…

Friends, I know, that you might not like that one strange kid in class who has weird interests and hobbies. Just because someone is different, doesn’t mean that that person is bad or unacceptable. It can actually mean the opposite thing. Maybe that one person needs the most support from others and maybe by bulling or laughing at that person you are basically writing a death sentence…

Whoever you are, a parent, a friend or even that one strange kid in class, don’t forget, that love and justice always wins, no matter what. There is nothing in this universe, that can be cured by suicide. Nobody can convince you, that your life doesn’t matter. 

That psycho, who created this game and those curators are not the main problem. They have their own issues and their own fucked up brain. They will hopefully burn in hell for eternity after doing all that… The main problem lies inside of us. If we don’t share and accept love, then we are sentenced to death. Sad fact is, that, if the game was unpopular, nobody would even try to find it and play it. The problem is, that people seek for this kinds of games and stuff themselves because they don’t have anything else…

Love your children, love your friends, and do it unconditionally. Even if you don’t get anything in return, your “inner me”, your soul, you aura or whatever you think there is, stays bright and clean and there is no blue whale on this planet that can take that away from you or from a person you give love to…

Nutsa Koreli. 

blue whale





We all know that one annoying person(maybe even more!), who calls you and talks the shit out of you.Today, millions of people suffer from this problem every single day.

What causes the problem? Well, most people are too polite and when somebody annoying calls them, they act interested and pretend to care, what is worse, they sometimes call those people themselves! Fortunately, there are some ways to get rid of those  satanic humans! Here are some tricks for you, which guarantee to help you:


If you ask me, this step is the easiest. You hear your phone calling, you look at it and see the name of that annoying person, for instance, lets call him Bob. So Bob is calling and you do not want to talk to him.What can you do? NOT ANSWER AT ALL! Maybe you’ve left your phone in a car, or you are taking a shower, or doing something, that does not involve having a phone with you. That is what Bob might think and he will stop calling you. The only thing you have to do after that, is keep repeating this step over and over until Bob understands, that you do not care about his bullshit. I understand, that you have to be a level expert jerk to follow this step, but the truth is, IT WORKS!


Okay, so you do not want to ignore Bob completely, but still, he is fucking annoying! What you have to do is to reject his call and TEXT HIM. The text you send might say: “sorry, I’m on a meeting. Cannot talk now, just text me.”/ “Sorry, my phone is broken and I can’t hear anything when someone calls me, so just text me.”/ “Can’t talk, text me.”, etc. Believe me, there is no limit to your imagination. In that case, Bob will just send you a short text and fuck off.


You answered the phone… At some point you are already screwed, but there is a rule, which will help you to get screwed a little bit less. This is a golden rule… This is a rule of rules… You need to memorize this rule and tell it to you grandchildren, so that they can tell it to their grandchildren, so that they will tell it to their grandchildren and so on… Read the following rule carefully: DO NOT ASK QUESTIONS!!! DO NOT! NO! JUST DON’T! One innocent question can lead to the longest fucking story, which Bob has to tell you. 

He says: “Hello, how are you?” and you have to answer simply and shortly: “fine, thank you.” If you say that and follow the rule of NOT ASKING QUESTIONS during the whole dialogue, the conversation with annoying Bob will not last as long as it wold have if you asked one. Let me also demonstrate, what will happen if you ask a question:

Bob says: “Hey, how are you?” and unfortunately, you answer: “Fine, how’s it going?” Bob: “Oh, not so good. You know, yesterday I went to a cafe and decided to buy a doughnut with some jam, but they did not have a doughnut with a jam,so I had to buy the one with chocolate……………………… ” THAT IS THE START OF ENDLESS BRUTAL DIALOGUE!!!!! So once again, NO QUESTIONS.


Now things are getting a bit difficult. We are moving from the level: “careless bastard” to the level: “Motherfucking asshole, who does not want to talk to that little piece of shit!” This step involves another person with you. It might be your friend, your mom, your son, literally, any living organism near you. This genius trick needs to be planned in advance. So how to prepare? The phone is calling and guess who? It’s Bob again! Before answering your phone you need to call a person, who is near you, lets call that person Jack for example. Why do you need Jack? Here’s why:

When Jack comes, you need to tell him, that right now you are going to answer the phone and he needs to be in the room with you to help. You tell Jack: “I will answer the phone and after 3-5 minutes you need to shout: “Come on! We are late!”/ “I need your help”/ “Where are you?” etc.” When Jack shouts, you will tell Bob, that you are sorry, but you have to go, because Jack is calling you. DIALOGUE ENDED! Thank you Jack, or whoever you are. 

If you are alone and don’t have Jack near you, you can always act the same way, but consider the fact, that this will be less convincing. 



I hope that these tricks will help you, but what I want you to remember is, that you do not have to pretend to like somebody just because you think it might be right thing to do. You are a free person and you should only be and talk to those people, who you really care about and vice versa. Do not pretend to be somebody you are not and just be yourself 🙂


stop judging by color!!!!

Love it as it is

I am going to say everything straight. This year lots of people were angry because no black actor was nominated for The Oscars. Lots of people said that it was a racism and even Chris Rock’s jokes were all about racism! What is wrong with you people?!

COLOR DOES NOT MATTER! If somebody does not deserve an Oscar, that means that he/she should not be nominated! AGAIN, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE COLOR!!!!

For example, in 2014, why did Lupita Nyong’o  win an Oscar for best supporting actor and not Julia Roberts?! Because Lupita deserved it! The same year, why did Mathew McConaughey win an Oscar and why did Chiwetel Ejiofor lose? Because Mathew deserved it!!! In 2005 why did Jamie Foxx win an Oscar instead of Leonardo Dicaprio? Because he too deserved it!

Stop judging everything and everyone by color! If there are 50 people and 48 of them are black, it’s not racism! If 49 of them are white, it’s not racism! If 25 are black and 25 are white, it does not mean that everybody is equal!

Stop seeing racism and problems everywhere. Martin Luther King once said: “I have a dream, that my four little children will one day live in a nation, where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.” Sadly, as we can see, this problem still exists today.Many people judge a book by its cover. That is wrong!

Many people say they are against racism, but every single second they seek for a chance to find it.

Stop looking for it.

Stop judging it.

Love it as it is, because that is the most important.

Head in Hands

– I am so excited about my trip! I’ve been planning it since, I don’t know, like since I was 20 and now I’m doing it! 

– That is really amazing. I wish you the best of luck and everything but isn’t it too expensive?

– well, yes. but it’s definitely worth it. You know, I’ve been saving my money for five or six years and I finally can afford it now. 

-wow, nice! So tell me more about you trip. I’m so excited for you!

– well, this is a trip around the world which will last for approximately a year. I’m going to visit almost all the countries. I even quit a job for this trip. I’ve sold my old collection of  stamps and coins, I’ve been walking my neighbors’ dog and washing his car to get some extra tips, I’ve been working extra hours  to earn more, once I even started to work at night in a club as a waiter and I used to sleep for only 2-3 hours a day! 

– wow you tried very hard, didn’t you? Amazing!


-So when is your first flight? Isn’t it today?

– The first flight? Oh yes. But I have a lot of time you know! I’ve been told that my flight is at sixteen o’clock and now it’s only four!…



If you’re an idiot, even money and hard labor can’t help you…

Modern Art

modernartviewerWhat is modern art? Many people, actually most of them, think, that modern art is not an art at all. They say: “It’s a garbage!”, “Even I can do that!” – they say. 

Lets take just a simple white painting, which is nothing but a white paint on a paper. So what is it? Why would somebody do that? What did the artist mean? Why did he/she paint that?

Lets bring Van Gogh as another example. Why did he paint one of his most famous paintings: “The starry Night”? “Because he was a genius! He painted his feelings! blah, blah, blah…”- This is what most people would say. But when there’s a white painting everybody regrets to call it art.

I will be brave enough to say, that only people with no imagination and with disability to understand things would think so. No offence! I am saying what I think is true.

For instance, imagine one simple thing, NOTHING. Just stop your brain for a second, shut it down… What did you see? Did you see “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci or “The Son Of A Man” by Rene Magritte? No. You didn’t. You saw something absolutely black or absolutely white, right? Right.

Have you ever tried to think of what that “NOTHING” in your brain is? Or have you thought how cool is your brain and what can it imagine if it wants to? 

Now imagine a banana with wings and sunglasses. Now it’s in your head and that makes you smile for a second. Ok , forget that banana and think of a red bloody face with lots of ugly scars on it, which has huge red eyes and is staring at you for no reason. Creepy, isn’t it? But there is no such thing as flying banana or bloody face. It is just your imagination of something that is unrealistic and is supernatural. 

So how to show that I feel “nothing”? How to show that I am angry? I just want to grab some blue paint and just splash it on a paper with one simple move! Why? Because I just want that, I feel that! Art is made to show your emotions and it is has no rules. So how to do that? 

Modern art is the answer. If you see it, you feel it. If you feel it, you understand…