Modern Art

modernartviewerWhat is modern art? Many people, actually most of them, think, that modern art is not an art at all. They say: “It’s a garbage!”, “Even I can do that!” – they say. 

Lets take just a simple white painting, which is nothing but a white paint on a paper. So what is it? Why would somebody do that? What did the artist mean? Why did he/she paint that?

Lets bring Van Gogh as another example. Why did he paint one of his most famous paintings: “The starry Night”? “Because he was a genius! He painted his feelings! blah, blah, blah…”- This is what most people would say. But when there’s a white painting everybody regrets to call it art.

I will be brave enough to say, that only people with no imagination and with disability to understand things would think so. No offence! I am saying what I think is true.

For instance, imagine one simple thing, NOTHING. Just stop your brain for a second, shut it down… What did you see? Did you see “Mona Lisa” by Leonardo Da Vinci or “The Son Of A Man” by Rene Magritte? No. You didn’t. You saw something absolutely black or absolutely white, right? Right.

Have you ever tried to think of what that “NOTHING” in your brain is? Or have you thought how cool is your brain and what can it imagine if it wants to? 

Now imagine a banana with wings and sunglasses. Now it’s in your head and that makes you smile for a second. Ok , forget that banana and think of a red bloody face with lots of ugly scars on it, which has huge red eyes and is staring at you for no reason. Creepy, isn’t it? But there is no such thing as flying banana or bloody face. It is just your imagination of something that is unrealistic and is supernatural. 

So how to show that I feel “nothing”? How to show that I am angry? I just want to grab some blue paint and just splash it on a paper with one simple move! Why? Because I just want that, I feel that! Art is made to show your emotions and it is has no rules. So how to do that? 

Modern art is the answer. If you see it, you feel it. If you feel it, you understand…


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